Spain - Train for Europe – The European Express

We met at the school and introduced part of the school staff, primary 5 students, their families, and host families.

We went to the cultural centre and we had a welcome from the headmistress. We listened to the children's choir, district councillor, administration representatives, and a conference entitled “Importance of Railway to strengthen ties in Europe”.

A protocol visit was paid by Ms. Elena Mª Sánchez Gallar, city councillor from Ciudad Lineal district. She inaugurated the act. Ms. Isabel Blanco, technical councillor from Ciudad Lineal; Ms. Mª Isabel García Mateo, Education director in Ciudad Lineal district; Ms. Barbara Lee-Soerk, director of the Cultural Forum at the Austrian Embassy; Distván Benyhe, Head of Education and Culture at the Hungarian Embassy; the Head of Education and Culture at the Greek Embassy; Ms. Pilar Falcón Dancausa, Adviser in DAT Madrid-Capital; Ms. Carmen Burgos, Adviser in the Department of Education; and connoisseurs and heads of the Comenius projects in the Comunidad de Madrid were also in attendance. Mr. Javier Aranguren, former vice president of FEAAF and Mr. Xavier Canals, President of the Centro de Iniciativas Ferroviarias Vapor Madrid (CIFVM), experts in trains and social activists from the Asociación de Amigos del Ferrocarril de Madrid, talked about the importance of railways in Europe. To end, Ms. Ana Isabel Montañés García, headmistress and director of the Comenius project at the school, spoke.

Everybody went by train around San Juan Bautista neighborhood. We went to Stadium Santiago Bernabeu and the modern city.

A Cooperative learning expert introduced students and teachers.They worked in groups, preparing “Animals” and “Sports” presentations. We included at

Infants danced the Chotis, a typical dance in Madrid, we had paella for lunch and the president of the Ciudad Lineal district provided us with tickets for the touristic bus so that we could participate in a cultural visit of old Madrid.

The Metro of Madrid also gave us 100 trips for use by the members of the project during their stay in Madrid.

We couldn’t miss the Prado Museum. We saw part of the work of El Greco, Velázquez, and Goya, among others.

Day trip to Toledo. It is also known as “the city of three cultures”: Muslims, Arabs, and Jews.